Lightly grilled bun.
Thick juicy grade A beef.
Served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles.
Come on in and order your favorite burger today!

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Trying to eat a little on the healthier side?
Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!
We have signature creations 
And classic favorites.
No matter which salad you choose…
it will become your new favorite!

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Great for a snack.
Or as a whole meal.
Our appetizers keep the hunger at bay!
Grab some to share.
Or maybe not..

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Ties to Paul Bunyan?

Paul Bunyan has been in Minnesota folklore history for over a century. The earliest printed stories about him and his infamous blue ox, Babe, date as early back as 1906. He was a legend in the logging community and an integral part of Minnesota’s heritage.  Kind of like ice fishing, log cabins, the loon, and lutefisk.

Now while Bite’s Grill & Bar isn’t on a lake, doesn’t have any loons, and lutefisk isn’t on the menu, it is built out of logs and the famous Paul Bunyan trail passes right in front of their big picture windows.

The building was constructed around 1997 with locally sourced logs. Made from aspen, birch, maple, red oak, and Norway pine sourced from the George Kinney Memorial Forest located in Crow Wing County, MN. They have beautiful pictures of the process it took to make Bite’s a reality. From the logging of the wood right up to the finished masterpiece.

Now, when you walk into Bite’s Grill & Bar you won’t see Paul Bunyan or Babe, but…

In the fall, the leaves will be in various shades of yellow, orange, and red. Creating a scene straight from a postcard. The fireplace will be lit and if you time it just right you can get a stunning picture of those magnificent logs with the sun setting behind it.  Or if you’re an early riser you can sit inside and look out at the sunrise with your morning cup of coffee and newspaper.

In the winter you will see snowmobilers coming in off the snow-laden trail warming their hands and backsides by the roaring fire, grabbing a Bite to eat to fill their rumbling tummies, and telling stories of their various escapades and adventures.

And in the spring and summer the snow will have melted and made way for the flowers to blossom, the deer to roam, and the cycles to visit.  And by cycles I mean the type you have to pedal and the motorized kind. Because at Bite’s our patrons love the outdoors.

And with the Paul Bunyan trail right out front there’s endless things to do in the sun or the snow.

So no matter which season you find yourself at Bite’s Grill & Bar make sure you run your hands over the beautifully crafted log walls, venture out on the Paul Bunyan trail, take pictures of the seasons, and grab a Bite to eat.

And maybe, just maybe you will feel the spirit of Paul Bunyan and Babe as you sit beside the fireplace warming your hands, or stop in for a refreshing drink and Bite to eat after a jaunt on the trail.






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3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Can you tell me what’s on your Sunday brunch please. Thanks

  2. Molly, we have breakfast items like eggs benedict, French toast, sausage as well as fruit, salad bar and dinner items like chicken, ribs and mashed potatoes and desserts.

  3. Just left Bites… Had an amazing meal with quick, fast and friendly….

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